Photo: Jan Gottweiss Unsplash
Photo: Jan Gottweiss Unsplash

A huge amount of money is being made available to help Calhoun County residents cover rental housing payments. In some cases, as much as ten thousand dollars. It’s all part of a new COVID-19 support program with money being sent by the federal government through the states and then into the hands of local service provider agencies. Summit Pointe Housing is one of the local organizations involved with working to get the money into the right hands.

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The Michigan State Housing Development Authority was announcing some of the initial details as long as 8 weeks ago. But the administration of over $600 million for rental assistance to residents statewide takes some doing.

The Battle Creek Enquirer reports local housing experts are figuring that a large percentage of those who live in rental properties in Calhoun County may need the help. Average rent payments are in the range of  $700 to $1,000 monthly. Many people have had a hard time managing their financial lives in the middle of the shutdown orders in Michigan over the COVID-19 outbreak. Many others worked for businesses that were forced to permanently close as a result of those same shutdown orders or severe business restrictions.

Lisa Gallo, a case manager at Summit Point Housing tells the Enquirer the COVID Emergency Rental Assistance Program has 8 million dollars available now to help those in need get caught up on back rent. The program is designed to help with up to 12 months of past-due rent from mid-March of last year. In some cases, the program is also able to cover some advance rent.

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