The old saying "Where there's a will, there's a way" is quite applicable to burglars. It seems no matter what measures the public takes to ward off thieves and nerdowells, they find a way to strike back.

According to Neighborhood Scout, Michigan residents have a 1 in 65 chance of falling victim to a property crime, which of course includes burglary. As for burglaries specifically, Michigan has a burglary rate of 2.14, slightly below the national average of 2.7.

Of course, location is everything. Counties such as Kent, Ottawa, and Kalamazoo are among the most burglarized in the state. This article details the counties that experience the most burglaries.

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It might be a rational thought to believe that burglaries would go down with the rise of technology, especially affordable security. Whether it's doorbells, flood lights, cameras or speakers, it's never been easier to protect your home.

Ironically, it's still easy for tech-savvy criminals to break in if they know the proper tricks.

Nearly all security programs can use a Wi-Fi signal. If you can hard-wire your security, you should, because a new trick from burglars is specifically designed to cut off your connections to safety.

While Wi-Fi and cellular jammers are illegal, that's never stopped a crook before. Criminals can makeshift these items and use them to block out your security signals or your cell service making your home as vulnerable as possible.

The biggest solution is hard-wiring your internet and security systems if at all possible. Use cameras that are wired and use SD card storage so they aren't reliant on Wi-Fi. It's also wise to use any smart devices you own to always simulate your lights and home activities to warn scouts that your home is always occupied.

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