Most people would agree that the best-known state motto currently belongs to the State of New Hampshire.  The official motto “Live Free or Die” was approved by the state in 1945.  After seeing the results of the Democratic Parties Primary yesterday you could say the motto had a good 75-year run and now it is time to change it to…more on that at the end of this piece.

Many loved the state motto because it conveyed a fierce independence that the majority of the voting Democrats in New Hampshire no longer have or want.  A little history about the phrase, it came from a toast written by New Hampshire’s most famous American Revolutionary War soldier, General John Stark.

Yesterday the Democratic Party of New Hampshire choose a self-identified socialist bordering on communist to be their next President.  In fact, there were approximately 73,000 of them who choose Senator Bernie Sanders as their Presidential candidate.  Coming in a close second was Pete Buttigieg with approximately 69,000 votes.  The latest polling results are as follows:

  1. Bernie Sanders     25.9%     73,470  Votes receiving 9 Delegates
  2. Pete Buttigieg       24.4%     69,216 Votes receiving 9 Delegates
  3. Amy Klobuchar     19.8%     55,982 Votes receiving 6 Delegates
  4. Elizabeth Warren  09.3%     26,266 Votes
  5. Joe Biden              08.4%     23,813 Votes

Just to name a few policy positions of Bernie Sanders he is calling for:

  • Total government-run healthcare (Medicare for all)
  • Free College
  • Cancel all student debt
  • Construction funding, rent control and taxes to curb speculation
  • Raise taxes on the wealthy, create new social programs
  • Green New Deal
  • Reparations
  • Restrict charter school growth
  • Felons should be allowed to vote while incarcerated

Oh, there is more but I will leave it at that for now.

The only saving grace for the state is the fact that President Trump received approximately 119,000 votes when he was just about running alone on the ticket.  Sure former Governor of Massachusetts Bill Weld was running against him but he only received approximately 12,000 votes.  In fact, President Obama running for his second term in 2012 unopposed only received approximately 49,000 votes.

Did you ever think you would have seen a time in the United States of America where a major political party’s front runner in the first two primary states would be a socialist/communist?  I surely did not, this does not bode well for the future of this country. Wake up America this is actually happening.

So it sounds like the majority of the voting Democrats in New Hampshire yesterday would probably want to change their state Motto to “Hand Out or Die”.

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