All occupants were able to safely escape a blaze at a Battle Creek home likely ignited by faulty electrical wiring.

The Battle Creek Fire Department responded to a call for a blaze at an occupied home on Sunday, January 10 just before 8:00 a.m. The first crews on the scene found a two-car garage on fire with flames reaching a breezeway running adjacent to the garage and home located at 127 Darragh Drive in Battle Creek.

Google Satellite
Google Satellite

Fire crews immediately began fire suppression efforts to extinguish and keep the fire from spreading to the home and also began contacting utility providers to come to the scene and care for their equipment.

A release from the Battle Creek Fire Department points to faulty wiring as the cause of the fire. All occupants escaped safely and the damage was contained to the garage. There were no injuries.

The Battle Creek Fire Department recognized Fire Fighter Jayeson Tkac who spotted the fire while returning home following a 24-hour shift, notified dispatchers, and ensured all the occupants were evacuated prior to the first fire crews arriving on the scene.

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