Winter is about halfway through, and St. Patrick's Day is right around the corner, so the booze are bound to be flowing not just in Ohio, but around the country.

But for those in Ohio who don't need a reason to celebrate to bust out the bottle, this list is for you. After all, you can't contribute to being in the drunkest cities in the state without a drink in your hand.

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Whether it's beer, liquor or wine, the choice of drink is rather irrelevant. The 10 cities in the Buckeye State that are known for their over-consumption were ranked by several criteria, some more unhinged than others.

The list was put together by RoadSnacks using some data points to create the top 10 list including the number of bars per capita, liquor stores per capita as well as drunk-related tweets and the city's divorce rate. It's hard to argue with those last two, especially if you've already had a beer or 10 today.

While this list is made all in good fun, there are some serious statistics Ohioans should be aware of. First and foremost, according to Forbes, Ohio is 24th in drunk driving incidents heading into 2024. That's in large part because nearly 40% of traffic deaths are caused by drunk drivers, the third highest percentage in the country.

On top of that, Ohioans have a bit of a problem with binge drinking. Less than two years ago the CDC estimated that 5,700 Ohioans die each year from excessive alcohol use.

While we don't want to be the fun police, some of you could tone it down a bit, huh?

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