Ohio has built a reputation over the years for a great many things, but being lazy isn't particularly one of them. Maybe a little quirky, a little weird, but few people, even from Michigan, are going to say that Ohio folks don't work hard.

That said, Ohio is a bit split between its northern and southern portions, with the South Ohio area being a bit more rural. Where there is rural space, there are blue-collar families that know the meaning of hard work.

However, rural towns aren't the topic of discussion today. We're focusing on the big cities and who among them is the hardest working.

WalletHub conducted a study of the 116 most populated cities in America to determine which cities work the hardest. Direct factors such as employment rate, share of workers leaving vacation time unused, and average workweek hours weighed the most in the study. Indirect factors such as commute time, volunteer hours and share of workers with multiple jobs weighed a bit less but still helped draw conclusions for each city.

Unfortunately, the state of Ohio didn't perform particularly well in the study. Each of the three Ohio cities eligible for the study landed in the bottom half of the overall rankings of the hardest-working cities in America.

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Columbus was the highest-ranked Ohio city in the study, making it the hardest-working city in the state. Columbus landed at No. 68 overall, with average results in both direct and indirect factors.

Cincinnati was next, ranking No. 89 overall. Cincinnati didn't perform well for direct factors but was 20th for indirect factors, which could argue that if certain aspects were weighted a bit heavier, Cincinnati would have ranked quite high on the list.

Finally is Cleveland, which landed at No. 109 on the overall rankings out of 116 cities. Cleveland was one of the worst-performing cities when it came to the direct factors, but just like Cincinnati, Cleveland has workers doing as much as they can, ranking at No. 23 for indirect factors.

These are three rather prideful cities, so surely there are bound to be disagreements. Even still, many in the rural areas of Ohio would likely feel as though their harder workers than any in those big cities.

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