Plenty of singles are about to feel a bit lonelier as Valentine's Day is just around the corner. However, singles in Ohio might have a reason to feel a bit more proud.

Of course, there's nothing wrong with being single, especially this time of year. Heck, your bank account might thank you. But whether you're actively dating in pursuit of love, casually dating to play the field, or happily crushing your goals by yourself, where you call home makes all the difference in the results.

If you're single, you're more likely to live in a city, which naturally gives you more entertainment opportunities. Both of those aspects are a big plus in dating. That's why it's no surprise some of the best states for singles are full of big, popular cities, and Ohio is no different.

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With plenty of college towns, and large cities bursting with activities, Ohio is a great place for singles to pursue their interests.

WalletHub recently released a study ranking the best states for singles and Ohio cracked the top 10. The study largely looked at the best aspects for singles to find a partner, to be fair. However, if a state has plenty of opportunities for fun activities and has economics that are suitable for dating, then the state is still a good place for a dedicated single person.

This was the case for Ohio, as it ranked in the top 10, at ninth to be exact, for romance and fun, indicating a strong selection of restaurants, attractions, nightlife activities and other typical date destinations. Of course, all of that stuff can be done by yourself or with friends, anyway.

For a closer look at singles looking for a partner, Ohio ranked 11th for dating opportunities. This was the most heavily weighed factor in the study, which looked at each state's share of single adults, gender balance and opportunities to connect with other singles.

Ohio did somewhat struggle in one area, that being dating economics. The average cost of typical dating items, such as alcohol, coffee, movie tickets and such play a role, but so do unemployment rates and housing affordability. Ohio placed 18th here, which isn't bad, it was the third-best among the top 10 states overall. Even still, Ohio's cost of living is 11% lower than the national average, meaning a dedicated single person is saving money on dates while not as likely to struggle to pay the bills.

Ohio performed well against the Midwest, but two other states did manage to get ahead as Illinois placed 6th and Wisconsin placed 7th. Michigan landed at No. 16 while Indiana fell to No. 22. The full study can be seen here.

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