Everyone likes to go fast until they see those blue flashing lights behind them.

Ohio drivers know that they are the most likely drivers in the country to get a speeding ticket. After all, Ohio leads the country in speeding tickets routinely as 16.1% of drivers have a prior speeding ticket.

Still, there's a stark difference between going a bit over the speed limit and doubling it.

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Ohio has seen a spike in dangerous driving though, especially since 2020. That year, state troopers wrote 80% more tickets to drivers going 100 mph than in 2019. It's worth noting that Ohio's highest speed limit is 70 in rural area interstates and 65 in urban area interstates. Everywhere else the speed limit caps at 55.

That's why the fastest speeding ticket issued in Ohio history is a bit of an eye-raiser. According to Local 12, a black Honda motorcycle was once ticketed at 150 miles per hour in Manoning County on State Route 11. The speed limit was 70.

Unfortunately, that's the only reference to that particular instance I could find, which doesn't include a date or link to the story of the situation.

However, in 2023, someone came darn close to eclipsing the record, whether they knew it or not.

Ohio State Patrol pulled over a white Chevrolet Corvette in May of 2023 going 149 mph on Interstate 75 in Warren County.

According to Forbes, 28% of traffic fatalities in Ohio in 2021 were due to speeding, which ranks 31st in the United States. This was a 2% decrease in the percentages for the state from 2010-2020, in which 30% of fatalities being due to speeding would rank the state in the top half of the country.

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