An overhaul of the City of Battle Creek’s pet licensing system could be coming.

When the Battle Creek City Commission meets for their session on Tuesday, two resolutions will be voted on and an ordinance will be introduced that will make several changes to the pet license system; the license period would be changed so that each dog or cat license lasts 365 days, instead of the current system where licenses expire at the end of each year. Pet owners could also acquire three year licenses to lessen the hassle.

In order to facilitate the system being updated, the cost of each one year spayed or neutered dog or cat license would increase from $3 to $8. The goal of these changes, according to the city, is to increase compliance; under City law, anyone who owns a dog or cat over six months old is required to get a pet license for them, but it's estimated that only about 4% of pets are actually licensed.

Ferret owners are also required to get a license for their animals, but these licenses will still only last one year.

This new set of changes is being put forward after commissioners decided to put aside a previous solution, which would have seen prices for licenses being increased without changes to the renewal times.

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