A Battle Creek pizza restaurant had to close down Tuesday night after the part of the roof caught fire.

The Battle Creek Fire Department says around 8:41pm Tuesday, the Pizza Hut in Urbandale on W. Michigan Ave. reported haze coming from the heating vents and the building was evacuated. All stations responded, with Engine 5 getting there first and determining that the fire was coming from an HVAC system on the roof of the restaurant.

Engine and Squad 2 then arrived on the scene, and their firefighters climbed onto the roof and extinguished the small fire that was located in the motor compartment of the HVAC unit.

In total, 22 firefighters and 5 fire engines were involved in the response.The building was closed for the night as a result of the damage, and the exactly financial impact this blaze was not disclosed.

The Calhoun County Public Health Department was notified, and was informed of the fire in case further problems develop.

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