Pothole Tracker - Richland

Potholes can be found anywhere from the major highways to parking lots. Today's trek takes us to Richland where commuter on M-89 will have to avoid a few major potholes in the driveway of a business.

The three potholes that sit at the Circle K gas station on North 32nd Street, just north of the light in downtown, can surprise drivers if they are attempting to enter from the northbound side. Those attempting to leave southbound are forced to straddle one of them to make the right turn.

Of all my travels to and from work, this set of divots have not been repaired since the beginning of the year. One of them was very small before the first snowfall late last year.

UPDATE - These potholes have since been cold patched as a temporary fix.

There are more potholes to be found in the area! If you spot one that everyone needs to know about, let me know by sending me an email.

The location of the multiple potholes at the entrance of a Richland gas station. (Photo - Google Maps).