It looks like Battle Creek’s City Manager will be keeping her job, and getting a raise.

The Battle Creek City Commission meets Tuesday night for their regular meeting, and on their agenda for a vote is an authorization for the Mayor to sign an amended Employment Agreement with Manager Rebecca Fleury. The new agreement would give Fleury a 5% raise, making her annual salary $143,463, and would also give her a $2,315 lump sum bonus.

The agenda says that the Performance Evaluation Committee rated her as “Exceeds Expectations” this year, and has been rated similarly in previous years. Despite this, however, she has not received a salary raise beyond cost of living adjustments since she was appointed to the position four years ago; she has received one-time bonuses, but those were lump sump and not added to her salary.

As well, Fleury's contract does not include step increases to her salary, like many other staff members have.

Taking all of these factors into account, the committee reviewing her performance recommended the raise and bonus. The committee was made up of five City Commissioners, including the Mayor and Vice Mayor.

If Commissioners approve the new contract, the raise will go into effect October 1, 2018, or the day before their meeting.

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