Michigan was one state that was in the running for a new Continental United States missile interceptor site.  That site was Fort Custer in Battle Creek.

Fort Custer came in second place after the Pentagon chose Fort Drum in upstate New York as their “preferred site” for that Continental United States interceptor site even though Fort Custer in Battle Creek was the least expensive option for the Pentagon.

Michigan Republican Congressmen Fred Upton, Bill Huizenga, Tim Walberg, Paul Mitchell and Jack Bergman issued a joint statement Thursday, June 27th which stated:

“We always thought and were led to believe that on the merits, the Fort Custer site would be the best for the taxpayer and the defense of the country to build a new missile defense site. In fact, in the letter the Pentagon provided to the Committee on Armed Services, it makes clear that Fort Custer provided clear strategic advantages. It also states that the decision could be re-evaluated, and we would encourage them to do so.

It appears that Congressman Amash’s consistent opposition to all defense spending bills over the years was too much for the Pentagon to accept. It did not help, and now they selected New York for the new missile defense site.”

It appears Congressman Amash can not catch a break these days.

Congressman Amash responded to their joint statement by tweeting:

It appears that my colleagues’ consistent support for trillions in new debt over the years was to buy the Pentagon’s affection. Taxpayer dollars for defense should be used to boost Americans’ safety, not to boost politicians. The Department of Defense is not a jobs program.

Why it was not chosen we may never know but at least some Republican Congressmen believe it is Congressman Amash's actions in the past.

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