The City of Battle Creek is warning residents after two city departments became aware of scammers going door to door.

The City’s Engineering division says that they have been receiving calls from residents, saying that people are knocking on doors on streets that are being resurfaced by the city. These people claim to be working for the city, and ask to do work on the driveway of the home.

As well, the Water Division says they have learned of people going door to door looking to sell water filtration systems, with these people claiming that they either are city employees or that they were hired by the city to conduct water sampling.

In both cases, the City of Battle Creek says that city employees or contractors do not solicit business by knocking on doors, and that they have not hired a company to go door to door selling products.

They say you should ask for identification if someone claims to be a city employee, and if you have further questions about someone claiming to be from the city, you’re asked to contact the Department of the Public Works.

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