The State Officers Compensation Commission is considering today if your Michigan elected official’s deserve a pay raise.

Do you believe it is time we give them an increase in their salary?

The Detroit Free Press is reporting that the 7 body member who are appointed by the governor and charge with recommending pays levels for the following:

  • Governor
  • Lieutenant governor
  • Attorney general
  • Secretary of state
  • Justices of the Michigan Supreme Court
  • Members of the House and Senate.

Also by law, Michigan's lower-court judges get a percentage of what the Supreme Court justices get, so they would be effectively covered by the recommendations.

You should know that the last time our elected politicians received a pay hike was 13 years ago in 2002.

Before you make your decision you should know that back in 2010, they all took a 10% pay cut except for the justices.

A spokesman for House Speaker Kevin Cotter, R-Mt. Pleasant was quoted as saying "we are not planning on making any recommendation for an increase before the commission does its work,"

The House Minority Leader Tim Greimel, D-Auburn Hills, was quoted as saying that he "strongly against pay increases for legislators," and "most people in the state are still struggling economically and the state is still cutting its budget, Legislators should share in the sacrifice."

What are the current salaries of these officials?

  • The governor gets a $159,300 salary with a $54,000 expense allowance.
  • The lieutenant governor gets $111,510 with an $18,000 expense allowance.
  • State lawmakers receive a $71,685 salary with a $10,800 expense allowance.
  • The attorney general and secretary state each get a salary of $112,410.
  • Justices of the Michigan Supreme Court, who also don't receive an expense allowance, receive a salary of $164,610.

The commission has stated that their primary concern is the salary of the judges, due to the fact that all Michigan judges have their salaries tied to the justices' salaries and Michigan judicial salaries are considered low relative to what attorneys get paid.

What are the current salaries of these officials?

  • Appeals court judges are paid about $151,000
  • Circuit and probate judges in Michigan are paid $139,919
  • District judges are paid $138,272

Due to the improving economic conditions in Michigan is it time to raise the pay of these officials?

Should the judges pay be raised but not the politicians?

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