How'd you like to take a 10-day trip to Japan for free?   It's possible.  Jacob Schacht  of the City of Battle Creek was a guest on the 95.3 WBCK Morning Show with Tim Collins.  He says it's not too late to apply to be one of four high school students, or an adult chaperone, to head to Battle Creek's Sister City, Takasaki, Japan in August.

The student exchange is a volunteer exchange sponsored and organized by the Battle Creek Area International Relations Committee. The program began in 1984.

The program includes a 10-day hosting experience in Battle Creek, and a 10-day travel experience to Japan, for 20 days total. Battle Creek’s high school delegation will be comprised of four high school students and one teacher/chaperone.

Schacht, who made the trip as a chaperone, says the cost for each student is $500, but that can be offset by agreeing to work volunteer hours.   For each hour that a student volunteers, they would have $10.00 knocked off the trip cost, and for volunteering 50 hours, the trip would be free.

This exciting and enriching opportunity is available to any high school student in the Battle Creek area. Local educators also can represent the city by serving as chaperones for the 2019 program.

Battle Creek high school families will host Takasaki students from July 21-31, then all students will depart for Takasaki City, with Battle Creek area students returning on Aug. 11.

This year’s program applications are now available here. 

For more info, or to express and interest, contact Jacob Schacht, though the city's web page.  or visit City Hall Room 206, 10 N. Division St. or call  269-966-3378.

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