Just weeks after multiple unexplained sightings of a huge fireball crashing into a lake, another Allegan County resident comes forward with a strange sighting.

Now an Allegan County resident and her daughter are stepping forward with their own unexplained sighting stating the following on the Allegan County Informed social media page.

10:45 p.m. January 9th my daughter and I were traveling 34th street towards 108th Ave and seen a bright green light going towards the field to the right of us traveled like a shooting star but was way close to the ground did anyone else see this


Google Satellite
Google Satellite

The area where the strange light was seen is circled with an arrow pointing toward it. The area is near Sheffer Lake and not far from the location of the "huge fireball" spotted at the end of December.

While many of the replies with theories are as funny as you might imagine. At least one other person claimed to see something similar at the same time..... but near Swan Lake in Cheshire Township (also in Allegan County).

The resident who stepped forward with the sighting stated that her daughter was pretty freaked out over the sighting, understandably.

What is going on in Allegan County?

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