It appears right here in Michigan corruption is living strong and thriving during this current pandemic crisis and certainly the worst economic crisis we have had in close to a century.

The Detroit News first reported that Governor Whitmer had signed a contract with a software company that is very close to the Democratic Party here in Michigan.  The company named EveryAction is contracted with the state through a third party called Great Lakes Community Engagement, which specializes in political outreach campaigns.

The company themselves boast that they are a:

leading technology provider to Democratic and progressive campaigns and organizations.

They have worked on and provided campaign services to many state and national Democratic candidates, including Michigan’s own Governor Whitmer's 2018 campaign, according to state records.

Interesting that they help her get elected and she gives them a contract to perform a service that they have never performed before.

What was this service she intended to use our taxpayer dollars to pay them with?  To work on Michigan’s enhanced COVID-19 contact tracing project. Whitmer actually wanted to use a political data firm to collect personal health information about everyone in Michigan who has tested positive for COVID-19 and anyone who might have come in contact with.

What kind of data might this Democrat campaign data collection company be collecting?  A company which boasts on its site:

The insights we gained from this experience, combined with a top-notch in-house technology team, have allowed us to build best-in-class tools that have helped thousands of clients - both large and small - raise billions of dollars, send billions of emails, and recruit millions of new supporters.

They are going to want to know how old are you, how many people are in your house, what are their emails, what are their ages and on and on and on.  This data will all be placed in their Democratic databases to be used for future campaigns and misinformation drives.

Did Whitmer suspend the HIPAA laws, I do not believe she has the authority to do so.

State Republican Representative Shane Hernandez of Port Huron sent a letter Tuesday to Whitmer questioning the use of the company in which he asked:

I want to know how Gov. Whitmer’s administration decided to hire this company without a competitive bid process, or letting the Legislature — charged with ensuring accountability within state government — know about it…I want to know what safeguards the governor has in place to ensure the information gathered during this COVID-19 response doesn’t wind up in the hands of any campaigns.

I want to know how corrupt the Whitmer administration really is and what is she doing with the data the state is already collecting, including the COVID-19 death numbers.

I also want to know who will take responsibility for this act and be reprimanded or fired.

What is one very positive action that came out of what appears to be a very corrupt action?  The Detroit News was on top of this and exposed Whitmer’s alleged corrupt actions.

In doing so the state of Michigan decided late yesterday to cancel the contract with the Democratic company and select a different vendor and software platform as reported by the Detroit News.

Question:  Is it fair to say that once a suspicious contract has been exposed and Governor Whitmer immediately cancels it, it is a submission of guilt or at least some guilt?

Great Job Detroit News!

Shame on you Governor Whitmer and anyone involved in this no-bid corrupt contract process and choice.

The Whitmer administration has refused to give any comment on their actions prior to the publication of this piece.

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