A mental competency exam has now been conducted on a Battle Creek man charged with attacking his ex-girlfriend with a sword, and it looks like he won’t be going to trial any time soon.

WWMT says that 35-year-old Anthony Whitlock was found incompetent to stand trial, because he was unresponsive during examination; he will now remain in state psychiatric custody until he can be found capable. Reviews of his condition are set to be conducted every 90 days.

Police say that on January 13, Whitlock entered the apartment of Alonda Robinson and began attacking her with a 3-foot long sword while she was sleeping; the attack was eventually stopped by their 13-year-old son intervening. Robinson suffered serious injuries, including the loss of a few fingers, but she reportedly is out of the hospital and recovering.

Whitlock has been charged with attempted murder, home invasion and being a habitual offender. If he does eventually go to trial, he faces life in prison.

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