The best answer to the question "How many tattoos do you want?" is always "Another one". The thing is, tattoos are expensive and you won't know if you're happy with paying that high price until the work is permanently embedded in your skin.

That's why researching your artist options is paramount. Look through galleries, read reviews and find someone whose personality fits you as well as their potential art style specialty. A lot goes into it, as it should.

That said, even with the ranking I've compiled below, if you're looking to start 2024 off with a brand new tattoo, you should absolutely do your own due diligence to make sure you get exactly what you're looking for on your body.

The list I've compiled below was put together simply. I scoured Google Reviews, taking only shops across Michigan with over 150 reviews. Once I had a list about 50 shops long, I took only the shops with at least 300 reviews (except for one, for a reasonable reason), which got us to 15 shops above a 4.5-star rating in Michigan.

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These shops come from all over the state, except for the Upper Peninsula. Unfortunately, though there are highly-rated shops in the U.P., none had nearly enough reviews to qualify for the list.

That said, the highest concentration of shops naturally comes from the Detroit metro region, though none are in the city proper. Central Michigan performed very well in the rankings toom as the Lansing area brought three shops to the top 15 alone.

Again, anyone looking to get some new ink should look around. The highest-rated shop in your area may not specialize in the art style you want or have artists whose personalities you may not want to sit with for hours on end. These factors are far more important than Google Reviews.

But with all of that out of the way, these are the 15 best tattoo shops in Michigan according to Google Reviews.

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