The Battle Creek Police Department continues to investigate after a threat caused the closure of the Lakeview School District Wednesday.

Police say that the threat was made around 10:15pm Tuesday, sent by new email address to Lakeview's District website through their contact form. Authorities say that the threat read,

I am so sick of this s***. You better close school tomorrow or I'm going to shoot the place up.

Police became aware of the threat around 11:30pm Tuesday, and have been working closely with the school district and the company that runs the website to investigate the threat against the Battle Creek institution.

The Lakeview School District was completely closed Wednesday, due to the threat.

This incident comes just a couple of months after the Lakeview district was shut down over a Bomb threat in November; no bomb was found, and three teens were taken into custody over that incident.

We'll update you with more information as it comes in.

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