Battle Creek's Binder Building will soon be no more as demolition crews have begun tearing down the iconic building.

Just days after Calhoun County Circuit Court Judge Sarah Lincoln ruled that the Binder Building posed too great a threat to the community to not allow demolition to begin, a city contracted demolition crew was one scene tearing the historic structure down.

TSM/Lacy James

The long back and forth between the city and the building's owner Bryant DeBolt has at least temporarily come to an end. A contractor for the city started tearing down parts of the structure, located at 34 East Michigan Avenue.

TSM/Lacy James

Owner DeBolt had been prevented from entering the crumbling structure to remove what he says amounts to about a quarter-million dollars worth of property from inside. Much of which he says is tied to Battle Creek's history. But Judge Lincoln ruled the danger is too great to allow anything other than demolition to occur on the site.

TSM/Lacy James

Following that teardown order from the judge, city staff immediately went to work on some remaining loose ends prior to allowing the demolition to begin.

While the fight between the City of Battle Creek and Bryant DeBolt is done for the moment, DeBolt and his lawyer say that the city could be responsible for the costs associated with the loss of property.

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