The Michigan Department of State Police is on the lookout. For more Troopers.  MSP is in the midst of a recruiting drive to find new qualified candidates to take on the demanding position. In these times of "defund the police" and similar attempts to downplay the role of law enforcement in America, the department has a tough job on its hands. The department is particularly interested in contact from women who have an interest in the challenge of law enforcement.

The Department is hosting a webinar tomorrow morning at 11 am to offer an overview of what the job involves and what you need to do to qualify to become a trainee. The webinar will include appearances from current female troopers, supervisors, and command officers. They’ll be offering some personal thoughts and experiences along with being able to answer questions during the webinar. Women interested in learning more can attend the webinar by going here.

Michigan State Police troopers are full-service police officers with enforcement authority throughout the entire state. All troopers complete the department’s residential training academy in Lansing. Trooper candidates receive nearly 1,200 hours of hands-on, lecture, and scenario-based instruction in everything from firearms to criminal law, to precision driving.

Troopers are asked for their top 3 post assignment preferences and are provided their post assignment prior to recruit school beginning. After two years of service, troopers are eligible to apply for specialty assignments including detective, emergency management, aviation, narcotics teams, and even the tactical bicycle team.

Recruits receive $3,800 per month while in recruit school. Upon graduation, a trooper’s base salary is $50,000, not including overtime and shift premium, which increases to $73,000 after twenty years of service.

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