There has been quite a bit of bad news concerning Battle Creek’s Lakeview Square Mall, that bad news has been coming in the way of store closures.

Well the Battle Creek Enquirer is now reporting that a Miami Florida based development company named Lionheart Capital has acquired the former Macy's and JC Penney properties at Battle Creeks beloved Lakeview Square Mall.  The company has stated that they are in "active discussions with numerous retailers" about the spaces in the mall they have acquired.

The company’s Director of Retail Operations was quoted in the article stating:

Our goal is to bring new attention to the community and repurpose and reinvigorate those spaces…A large part of that is really focusing on family and family entertainment and activities that really support the community and give not only families but the community at large a place to go and that’s really our ultimate goal.

Lionheart even went so far as to say that these empty spaces could possibly have tenants in them in this upcoming year.  That would mean a lot to the people of Battle Creek and the surrounding areas since the next closest mall is in Portage.

The company’s Director of Retail Operations was quoted in the article concerning occupancy:

Obviously a lot of the timing depends on whether a tenant is taking the entire space or whether we’re subdividing the space for numerous users, so that’s really the point that we are at now

The mall has lost all of their department stores over the last year and many thought the mall may not be able to survive.  Those who live in Battle Creek and the surrounding area would love to see this mall thrive and bring business and needed stores and entertainment to the area.

Good luck to the mall and Lionheart.

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