Christmas is fast approaching for Michiganders in 2023, and with that comes all of the usual festivities. Buying gifts, setting travel plans, and setting up decorations can be some of the more stressful aspects of the holiday season, but when it really comes down to it, celebrating with tried and true traditions always give the joy the season promises.

Of course, everyone celebrates the holidays differently. Some people celebrate entirely different holidays, so traditions vary greatly throughout the season. Still, Christmas gets the bulk of the attention throughout the country. So how do folks across the United States like to celebrate Christmas the most?

Little Sleepies determined each state's favorite Christmas traditions based on Google Analytics and search trends. Michigan's top tradition won't be too surprising, especially since our own Christmas party has this tradition included in the proper dress code.

Michigan's favorite Christmas tradition is wearing ugly Christmas sweaters. Wearing ugly Christmas sweaters is the second-most popular tradition in the entire country, being selected for seven states. North Dakota, Nevada, Kansas, Maryland, Delaware and Vermont are the other six states that appreciate an ugly Christmas sweater.

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As for the rest of the Midwest, the favorite tradition went in a slightly different direction. Hosting a White Elephant Party was the most searched-for tradition in the Midwest. Personalizing stockings was tied for the runner-up with ugly Christmas sweaters.

With how cold and dreary the holidays can be in the Midwest, it's really not surprising that a blast of color in the sweaters would rank so highly. While some may see the traditions in the Midwest and Michigan as tacky, we'll take it as a real bright spot in our holidays.

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