Almost every day there is great news about our economy to report and that is what you should be informing your friends and family members if they are not tuned into the news.

The recent great news comes to us from the Miami Herald who been speaking to construction industry insiders.  There are 243,000 open construction jobs nationwide according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics and Peggy Marker, president of Fort Lauderdale based Marker Construction was quoted in the article stating that:

the employees are in a position where they are interviewing us as much as we are interviewing them

Can you believe that in your lifetime you would have ever heard that potential employees have so many opportunities that they are interviewing their potential employers?

She went on to say that 95% of those looking for a job to learn a trade are matched with a job, experience or not.  She was then quoted telling the Miami Herald that:

The reason it’s not 100 percent is that not everybody that walks through the door is serious…That’s how acute the shortage is.

The Miami Herald then quoted Wade Helms, president of Edd Helms Group, which performs HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) and electrical work stating:

The primary things that people see during a labor shortage is rising wages and the need for people to train more folks…The projects get built, they just take longer.

This is how we raise the wages of blue collar workers, not by having the government dictating what their wages should be.

This is the information that needs to be spread throughout the land and the reason we are seeing such a boom in our economy is due to President Trump’s tax and regulation reform as well as having a friend instead of an enemy to business in the White House and controlling the House and Senate.

There are so many factions against President Trump and the Republican Party and our President needs more people in the House and Senate who will help him continue to grow the economy and put more money in our pockets.

He certainly does not need more elected people in the House and Senate that will continue to work against him and America.

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