Fergie has been though a lot.  About four years ago, she was rescued from a horder-home where she was one of many, many other animals. She found a new home, but recently found herself back at the shelter.  Like many dogs from hoarder situations, Fergie tends to have some old habits that can be corrected with time and love.  She sometimes piddles on the rug.  Not in her cage.  Not on hard floors.  Just rugs.


Fergie is a beautiful and sweet little girl, and is about 8 years old now.  She knows her name, minds well, and gets along well with people, dogs and probably cats.  She looks a little like a Sheltie, but Carrie Bammer, Animal Care Manager at the Humane Society of South Central Michigan, says she's a papillon pom mix.  Carrie says she's great on a leash and loves to go places. She thinks Fergie could be house trained and they have a lot of information that can help.

Click here to download an application form, and then you can call to make arrangements to meet Fergie.

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