This week  on Wiggly Tail Wednesday, Jessica Gilbert and Carrie Bammer of the Humane Society of South Central Michigan and I talked about kittens.   I asked if it was kitten season.  Sadly, they told me it’s almost always kitten season.  That’s because of so many un-spayed and un-neutered cats. I learned that a female cat can have three litters of 5-7 kittens per year.  20 kittens per year!   That’s one reason why they offer incentives for people to adopt two kittens at a time.

I’ve done that twice.  Having two kittens in the house is better than HBO, Netflix, Prime and Hulu all together.  They are very entertaining!

Back to litters for a second.   Carrie says female cats can come into heat as young as 4 months after they’re born, and if they get pregnant, they aren’t physically ready to handle it.   It’s a sad story.

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Morgan Burns took some pictures of a few of the kittens currently hanging out at the shelter.  Morgan translated some of the comments from the kittens,  Bud, Viola, Blossom, Sprout, Dandelion, Daffodil, Dusty, and Daylily :

“We are loveable, energetic kittens! We love playing with toys and love chasing each other around the room. We would all be great with another active cat or kitten in the home to keep us company. We live by "play hard, sleep hard" because once we run our energy out, we are ready to cuddle up and take a long nap.   We should be good with children in the home, pending observed interaction. We should also be good with a cat friendly dog in the home, given a slow and positive introduction.  We are ready to find our new fur-ever homes!”

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