Jangle is one of the senior cats at the Humane Society Cat room on Watkins Road, and he’s also the shelters “Spokes-cat”.   The big, beautiful boy has been waiting patiently for someone to take him home for nearly three years.

In Jangle’s role as “Spokes-cat”, he does all the tweeting for the shelter cat account.  Jangle has almost 2,100 followers on Twitter!   He gets visitors from all over the country, and recently met some people from upstate New York.  He gets Christmas Cards and letters from school kids.

Jangle was a little nervous in our studio.  After all, he’s spent his entire adult life in the cat room at the shelter, and he’s not fond of travelling.  He is a very vocal cat, so if you’re looking for a cat who chatters a lot, Jangle is your boy!  He loves to be with people, but might not be a great fit for a home with dogs.  Download an application and go meet him!

Coming up September 19th, it’s the “Whisker Mixer” at Southern Exposure.  There are still some tickets available for that event.

TSM Photo
TSM Photo

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