Jasmine came for a visit at WBCK this week.  She was very sweet, but you could tell she'd rather be out in the yard running around.  In fact, she took two paws and tried to turn the door knob on the door in our studio.  Very smart!   Jasmine is about a year old, and pretty much full grown.  She looks like a mid-sized black lab.  That's because she probably has some beagle in her, and judging by her sniffing out everything, I'd say that's a good possibility.   She loves to play, and would be a great addition to the family!

Jasmine-Humane Society Photo
Jasmine-Humane Society Photo

Download an application from the Humane Society, and go out to 2500 Watkins Road and meet her!

In fact, you're especially invited to stop out on Friday,December 14th, for their open house.   It's the 30th anniversary of the construction of the shelter there.   They have a wish list of supplies that you could bring too:

  • Bleach
  • Paper towels
  • Liquid laundry detergent, the scented kind
  • Non-clumping cat litter

They'll have cookies and a video about their 30 years at 2500 Watkins Road.

The Humane Society reminds you to keep a few things in mind when decorating your Christmas tree:

  • Hang the candy canes high on the tree.  Sometime a dog can pull the Christmas tree right over.
  • Watch the young cats, as they might like to climb the tree.
  • Tinsel can be a bad choice, as animals can swallow it and lead to big problems.
  • Some animals like to chew on fake trees.  Some people buy a pen or gate and stretch it around.
  • There is also a "Feliway" spray that will keep most cats away.
  • Keep the fragile glass balls high on the tree, especially if you have a puppy that might be new to Christmas.

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