You know how some animals just have that "something extra"?   We think Kimmie is one of those.   Kimmie was found wandering around the Humane Society Shelter on Watkins Road.  Hmmm.  I wonder how she got there?   When they found her, she didn't look so good.  She was very thin and weak, but Kimmie was delighted to come inside and meet some people, and now she's very healthy and ready for the next adventure.    Some cats get a little skittish with that kind of a start.  Some don't even need a reason.  Kimmie isn't one of those.  She's not shy, and could be a bit of a a good way.  And she sure does purr a lot!   She certainly enjoyed exploring our studio.

Download and application and plan to go out to the Humane Society of South Central Michigan to see Kimmie and several of her friends in the "Kitten Room" at 2500 Watkins Road.



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