This week, our Wiggly Tail Wednesday guest came with a message.   Shanti arrived to instantly bring up morale at the radio station, using excessive tail-wagging and cuteness and won everyone over in less than five seconds.   Shanti loves to be picked up, and she also likes to chew on old headphones.  We didn't give he the chance to do much of that.

Shanti also came to remind us that October is Pit Bull Awareness Month, and the last Saturday of October is Pit Bull Awareness Day.  There are a lot of misconceptions about these dogs.   For instance, many people think that pit bulls have locking jaws.  Not true.  There are lots of internet sites to check out if you'd like to learn more about these animals.  Here's one of many. 

If you'd like to meet Shanti, download an application form and go visit the Humane Society of South Central Michigan. 

Don't miss this year's Trail of Terror.  The theme is "Nightmare Circus".

Trail of Terror – Nightmare Circus
Saturday October 19, 2019
7:00pm – 10:00pm
Admission – $10 per person

Kids under 14 will need a parent to accompany them.

Also coming up is "Howl-o-ween" on October 26th.  A fun event for the entire family, including your family pet.


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