"Sparkle" lit up our WBCK studios on Wiggly Tail Wednesday.   As you may know, each week, we feature an adoptable pet from the Humane Society of South Central Michigan and we have a new sponsor:  Honor Credit Union.   Lisa Denney, Manager of the Urbandale Branch of Honor Credit Union came in and got to know Sparkle a little bit.

Carrie and Jessica of the Humane Society say Sparkle's mom is what they consider to be a Dogo-Argentino.  She has the pricked ears that stand up like a Shepherd.  They are white and pink, with black spots on the back side of them. They think maybe she has some Husky in her, and Terrier.  Sparkle also has beautiful blue eyes. Sparkle does well with other dogs, but might be a little much for an older low-energy dog.  She's only about four months old.

Carrie says she and her mom were found disposed of on the side of the road in garbage bags, but were saved and are both doing very well.

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