The Calhoun County Clerk’s Office is promoting voters to be informed on the issues and candidates before they head to the polls next month.

In Calhoun County on November 6, there will be three sections on the ballot; the first is the partisan section, including the offices of Governor, Secretary of State, US Senator, US Representative for the 3rd District, State Senator from the 19th District, State Representative for the 62nd and 63rd District, County Commissioner, and members of University Boards. Several Townships will also have elections for partial-terms. There will be candidates from seven political parties; The Democratic, Republican, Libertarian, U.S. Taxpayers, Green, Natural Law, and Working Class Parties.

Second on your ballot is the Non-partisan section, including Judicial races, village offices, and School District seats.

Third will be the proposals. There are the three statewide proposals, involving marijuana, redistricting, and election rights; Tekonsha Township will have two proposals involving fire services, and Olivet Community Schools is seeking an operating millage.

You don’t need to vote on every issue on your ballot, but the Clerk’s Office wants to remind electors to make sure you only vote as much as you are allowed; if you fill in more candidates than the office allows, your choice could be discarded. In order to research the candidates you will be considering, you can go to and enter your information to see a sample version of your ballot.

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