Those who want to serve their community and become more active in government have that opportunity this November.

The Calhoun County Clerk's Office is promoting the chance to become an election inspector for the November 6 midterm election, which is a paid position. According to the City of Battle Creek, duties of an election inspector include assisting voters at the polls, checking registrations, entering names into the Poll Books, and setting up voting stations.

Precinct inspectors must be registered voters, and cannot be a candidate, member of a candidate's immediate family, challenger, or member of the local Board of Canvassers. Also, those who have been convicted of a felony or an election crime cannot serve.

Those interested in working need to submit an Election Inspector Application to their local city or township clerk as soon as possible. Applicants need to submit their information, including their qualifications to serve and their political party preference; local election commissions are required to staff precincts with a balance of people with Democratic and Republican Party preference, although they can also appoint people with other political preferences as well at their own discretion.

Once inspectors are appointed, they will undergo thorough training regarding their duties; after their training they will be officially certified to serve as a precinct inspector for two years. They will also undergo refresher training before each election. 

If you have any further questions about serving as an elections inspector, you should contact the clerk's office of the municipality you want to serve in.

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