The American Civil Liberties Union of Michigan is asking for the Michigan State Police to take a close look at how it conducts traffic stops.

The ACLU says that they have been receiving several complaints from citizens about possible racial profiling while being pulled over on a stretch of I-94 in southwest Michigan.

Following the complaints, the ACLU requested and received records of various stops throughout 2016 and 2017; for example, on six random Fridays last year, they say out of 82 individuals contacted during a traffic stop, 48 percent were black, Hispanic or Asian, 24 percent where white, and 28 percent were of an unknown ethnicity. The ACLU says in a letter to the MSP that this isn’t proof of racial profiling, but that it does “raise concerns”.

The Michigan State Police says to the Detroit Free Press it does intend to review their demographic data, and they also say that if any trooper is pulling people over based on their race, that would be a direct violation of their code of conduct.

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