The City of Albion is steadily working on their own version of a medical marijuana business ordinance.

At the Albion City Council meeting Tuesday night, the agenda states that a 2nd reading and approval of the ordinance will be considered, and if it is approved it could be in effect by mid-March. Under Albion’s proposed ordinance, medical marijuana dispensaries would not be allowed, but up to 20 total growers, processors, testers and transporters could open.

Some restrictions include requiring they stay 250 feet away from public parks and churches, and 500 feet from schools and childcare facilities.

If the City Council approves this ordinance, they join a growing group of area municipalities including the Cities of Battle Creek and Marshall, and Bedford and Emmett Townships.

Earlier this month, the Battle Creek City Commission approved medical marijuana businesses, including dispensaries; those are already in effect, according to the language of the ordinances. Just two days after Battle Creek's vote, Bedford Township approved a similar pair of ordinances. 

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