3rd District Michigan Congressman Justin Amash is being promoted by a group of Democratic US Representatives to be a so called “Impeachment Manager” should the US House send the impeachment issue to the US Senate.

Amash is now an independent.  He walked away from the Republican Party earlier this year and declared himself an independent.  His district, includes Calhoun County following redistricting in 2012.

Impeachment managers would represent the position of the voting majority in the US House if impeachment is approved and the issue heads to the Senate for trial.  Some Democrats have said Amash is open to the idea.  His office so far is not confirming that potential. Amash has already said he supports the impeachment effort. When he walked from the GOP, Amash asked constituents to join him in opposition to what he called “…partisan loyalties and rhetoric that divide and dehumanize us." That prompted jeers from many Republicans, asking which party he was really referencing.

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