Members of the Battle Creek Fire Department recently spent time with area children at Willard Library and the photos from the event are too wholesome not share.

The firefighters joined in on the fun at Play Date @ the Library last Monday night at Willard Library. They dressed up for stories, played with Legos, and helped build a tower. Most importantly, they spent quality time with children in our community.

Firefighters are known as tough individuals. While most people try to stay away from danger, firefighters are known for rushing into danger. Whether it's rushing into a burning building or standing on a busy highway to attempt to free someone from a wrecked vehicle, it's all in a day's work. However, firefighters are people too. And when these kids asked these guys to dress-up and play with building blocks, they did not hesitate.

Staff at Willard Library tell us that this is not the first time Battle Creek Firefighters came there to spend time with area children, in fact, this is something they voluntarily do regularly when invited. Last spring, members of the Battle Creek Fire Department brought one of their firetrucks and they let the kids explore its inner workings.

If you see these guys, give them a pat on the back. Not only are they setting a great example but what a great display of healthy masculinity for these young and impressionable minds.

Each week members of the community are invited to Willard Library to read to area kids.

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