Representative Dr. John Bizon of Battle Creek admits his preference to disband the Detroit Public Schools hasn't been as popular as he'd like among his Lansing colleagues. Nevertheless, Bizon, on the Friday before a Monday sick-out staged by Detroit teachers, stood by his opinion.

Bizon tells WBCK neighboring districts should absorb DPS students into their better-performing, bordering districts. He says, though, there aren't many supporters in Lansing.

"I have to admit," Bizon said on WBCK, "the idea isn't getting a lot of traction."

Still, Bizon has been working the idea in Lansing, saying he has been vocal about it among his colleagues.

"If you break it up into movable bites and...have those districts, under Schools of Choice, competing with each other, you're going to see significant improvement," Bizon said, adding that throwing more money at the district "is something that doesn't resonate with me."

An emergency financial manager at DPS has reportedly told the teachers' union there is not enough money to pay teachers after the end of June.

Bizon also discussed the upcoming budget, among other House priorities. Hear his remarks by clicking the player below.

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