A driver shortage is causing big changes for Battle Creek Transit. The transit service has been attempting to hire new CDL drivers over the past few months, without much success. And, over the past few months, transit service has been altered because of the lack of drivers. Saturday bus service was suspended, beginning in December of 2022. As a result of the continued shortage, more cuts and alterations will begin on Monday, August 7th, 2023.  

BCT says that they are facing the most significant shortage of drivers that the agency has experienced in its history, and it’s not just Battle Creek’s transit system that is seeing the shortage. A transit press release states, 

It is important to note that this isn’t a problem unique to BCT. Nationwide, 92 percent of transit agencies report having difficulty hiring drivers, with bus drivers being the most difficult to fill. Of those agencies, 71 percent have had to make similar service cuts or delay service increases because of this driver shortage. 

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Why Is It So Difficult For Battle Creek Transit To Hire Drivers? 

One shortage that Battle Creek doesn’t have is residents who are in need of employment. Area food pantries are regularly asking for food donations because of families feeling the crush of the current economy.  

Full and part-time positions are available, and an interested person doesn’t need any experience to become a driver. They will receive paid training to obtain a CDL license. Positions start at $20.61 per hour with a competitive benefits package. 

Among the benefits included in the package are health, dental, and vision insurance. To spice up the benefits, a retirement savings account, with an employer match, gives employees a chance to build a nest egg and BCT will add to it. To start the job application process, you can apply online.

Cruise The Streets of Battle Creek In This Baby!

Battle Creek Transit is hiring bus drivers.
Battle Creek Transit

Battle Creek Transit Feels Your Pain And Is There To Help 

BCT realizes the frustration of its riders and is prepared to step up to help navigate these additional service adjustments. Neighbors who need help planning their trip can call BCT at 269-966-3474.  

For neighbors who face significant challenges with this new service schedule, BCT encourages them to look into door-to-door transit options, such as Tele-Transit or BCGo. Both services run Monday-Friday and rides can be booked up to 14 days in advance. 

BCGo Comes Right To Your Door

BCGo will pick you up, right at your doorstep.
Battle Creek Transit

Here Is The New Battle Creek Transit Service Schedule 

The new Battle Creek Transit schedule as of August 7, 2023.
Battle Creek Transit

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