As the investigation into a string of home invasions and robberies continues, Calhoun County Law Enforcement continues to discover more stolen property.

Agencies from Calhoun, Barry, and Eaton Counties have been looking into these crimes for some time, and two suspects, Keith Worthington and Tiffany Denton, have already been arrested. Based on information gained during the investigation, it was believed that further stolen property could be located on property on 11 Mile Rd. in Pennfield Township.

As a result, a search warrant was executed at the property around 11:30am Tuesday.

The property and a garage were searched, and Calhoun County Sheriff’s Deputies found three scoped rifles, around 100 rounds of ammunition, a chest of silver flatware, and two cellphones, along with a digital scale and around 4 pounds of marijuana.

Some of the items, including the rifles, have now been transferred to the Michigan State Police, for "fingerprint comparison and DNA testing" by the crime lab.

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