We are not under a one-party rule in the state of Michigan but a one-person rule since March 10th of this year and it appears there is no end in sight.

This morning on WWJ Newsradio 950 Governor Whitmer was asked by the host Tom Jordan if she intends to extend Michigan’s State of Emergency which expires 8 days from now on July 16th.  Governor Whitmer said:

Yes. I've been very clear about that, I think...We've got to stay in the State of Emergency; 49 states are going to continue to stay in a State of Emergency. It's what gives us the ability to protect our frontline workers, and give evictions protections and a lot of the other protections that we've extended to folks in the midst of this pandemic.

I attempted to determine if there are 49 other states that are currently in a state of emergency but was unable to find any reporting to verify that statement.  If her statement is true, the question that should be asked and answered is, how many are under a State of Emergency that gives total control of the state to the Governor.  The next question would be, could a State of Emergency be crafted to only deal with the COVID-19 issue?

Governor Whitmer then went on to say:

You should expect that will be extended, and perhaps again, until we get a better handle on this virus nationally

Governor Whitmer’s concern is once she ends her State of Emergency declaration all of the Executive Order’s issued under that State of Emergency would end immediately.

Valid concern, but should so much power be given to one person in a state that has people elected to represent them in their state government?

Right now we have no elected Representatives that have any input on the states' response to the COVID-19 issue and the Executive Orders that are issued to deal with it.

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