Getty Images By David Cannon
Getty Images By David Cannon

How long has it been that the Global Warming Jihadists have been telling us that their voodoo science, bought and paid for by your tax dollars, having been telling us the “science is settled”?

The answer is, for quite a long time.

“Three of the five Great Lakes recovered their water levels at record or near-record pace, with Lake Superior gaining 2.3 feet from January 2013 through November of this year, and Lakes Michigan and Huron increasing by 3.2 feet in that same period. That’s the fastest ever for Superior and the second fastest (after the 1950-51 season) for Huron and Michigan.”

The bought and paid for government scientist have been claiming for years the below average Great Lakes water levels proved their claims.

Now that the Great Lakes water levels have been rebounding at a record pace. The Global Warming Jihadists have been claiming the rebound is evidence of an “extreme weather phenomenon” which they attribute to:

wait for it………..

wait for it……………..

have you guessed yet?

Global warming!

Scientist say the Great Lakes have been around for about 10,000 years but have existed in their modern form for approximately 4000 years.  The US Geological Survey study show much more extreme swings in water levels in the distant past.

As I have been saying for years do not believe much of what the government and government scientist tell you.  They almost always have an agenda.

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