The Village of Burr Oak is reminding everyone that even though it says "Flushable Wipes" you should NOT flush anything besides toilet paper down your toilet.

When stores ran out of toilet paper, many began reaching for what they thought was the next best thing. "FLUSAHBLE WIPES". It did not end there. Some grabbed rolls of paper towels and baby wipes. All fine and well until all those wipes and paper towels started getting flushed down toilets, clogging sewage lines burning up pumps.

While we are all social distancing, some wearing masks and gloves when leaving our homes, at least one employee with the Village of Burr Oak was tasked with removing this pump and handling all the items that were flushed causing a clog and burning up a pump. Ultimately this is costing the tiny village money and possibly putting the worker at risk.

So to summarize, DO NOT FLUSH ANYTHING BUT TOILET PAPER DOWN YOUR TOILET. Someone will have to clean up your mess and it will cost the municipality you live in money, and the costs associated will, in turn, be passed on to you.

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