The disgusting blob you are looking at is a clog in the City of Marshall's sewage system and they are asking that you stop flushing these.

Just because something is labeled as flushable does not mean that you should. Flushable wipes are becoming a big problem for many municipalities. In April this year, the Village of Burr Oak sent out a graphic reminder of what can happen when supposed "flushable wipes" and paper towels are flushed down toilets leaving sewer lines clogged and burning up pumps. Now the City of Marshall is asking its residents to be more vigilant.

The only item that is appropriate to flush, besides the organic deposits you leave behind, is toilet paper. Flushable wipes are a lie. They are just wipes. Wipes and paper towels do not break down in the pipes or at wastewater treatment facilities like toilet paper will.

The thing is, we are in a pandemic due to COVID-19. Someone was tasked with pulling this mess out and removing it in order to ensure the equipment could function properly and not break. Possibly risking their health. Not a job for the faint of heart and definitely a job we do not appreciate enough. Not only could the clog cause problems in your own home, replacing this type of equipment is costly and at the end of the day those costs are passed on to you.

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