Everyone is passionate about their dog. If you know someone who just adopted a new pup, they've suddenly become the foremost expert on their breed along with all of their health complications and false negative stereotypes. Trust me, I was the same way when I got my pit bull 10 years ago.

Of course, pit bulls are a fairly popular breed, especially as their stigmas lessen with more information and animal lovers grow sympathy for their nature. Unfortunately, they are often linked to legal issues because of their stereotypes, making it difficult for people, especially renters, to own the very kind of dog they love.

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But while it may be difficult to own a pit bull, for a variety of reasons, they aren't illegal to own by any means. In America, in fact, there are no federal restrictions on dog breeds. Of course, state by state, that does change. Michigan is no exception, as one dog breed has legal restrictions.

Effectively, in Michigan, it is illegal to own a wolf-dog breed as a pet. There are rigorous exceptions where a wolf-dog owner could be grandfathered in. These exceptions appear to be case by case, but if you don't already have that exception, you aren't likely to get it. One Muskegon County animal sanctuary lost its right to own any animals in 2023 after housing wolf dogs.

Photo by Jordan Bracco via Unsplash
Photo by Jordan Bracco via Unsplash

Michigan is one of 12 states that outlaw the ownership of wolf dogs as pets, including neighboring state Illinois.

Michiganders love their pets. It's estimated that over 63% of Michigan households have a pet, with 42% of them having a dog. For anyone maybe thinking of owning a wolf-dog hybrid in Michigan though, they'll have to settle for a husky breed or something similar.

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