A Vanderbilt University professor believes mathematics is sexist.

The Campus Reform news site is reporting “professor” Luis A. Leyva who described mathematics as:

white and heteronormatively masculinized space

He wrote an article in an academic journal in which he complained about the masculinization of math and how it causes the oppression of women.

I had no idea numbers could be sexist, did you?

In his article titled “Unpacking the Male Superiority Myth and Masculinization of Mathematics at the Intersection,” the professor wrote that he believes that teachers

contribute to the masculinization of the domain that unfairly holds students to men’s higher levels of achievement and participation as a measure of success

Is he actually saying that holding all people, male or female, to high standards actually keeps women down?  If so is not he questioning the ability of women and their understanding of math?

Now do you understand why so many thinking people are very concerned about what their or other people’s children are subject to in a college or university setting?

The “professor” went on to write that existing studies on gender difference in the field of mathematics are limited by their failure to incorporate:

considerations for mathematics achievement and participation is shaped by whiteness and sexuality

How does he believe this injustice can be addressed, well see if you can understand what he wrote in his article:

Current understanding of mathematics as a gendered space, however, can be broadened through intersectional analyses of gender and its interplay with other identities (e.g., race or ethnicity, class). Implications for future gender research, particularly the adoption of intersectionality theory, are raised to inform more nuanced analyses

Parents and others need to call for these publicly funded colleges and universities to hold their professors to a higher standard, our future generations deserve it.

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