Here we go again. Kalamazoo Balloon Fest will be held in August 2021, not May like a fake event page claims.

It's not the first time a fake event page has been created to fool would-be attendees. And likely won't be the last. Like many canceled events in 2020, Kalamazoo Balloon Fest did not take place. As sad as it is, someone decided to create a fake event that got circulated through social media claiming that the event was a go. While it may seem somewhat harmless, during a time when there was not much to do, a lot of hopes were crushed.

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Sadly, it looks like someone is once again preying on enthusiastic individuals looking forward to some fun outdoor time. The owners of Gull Meadow Farms recently took to social media to warn their followers not to fall for the scam. A message from Gull Meadow Farms Read in part;

FAKE EVENT BELOW! Hey Facebook Fans. If you see a Balloon Festival event on FB be sure to check who is running the event, and the dates. This years balloon fest is planned for the end of August this year here at the farm. This event floating around is FAKE and should be reported. The event page for this year has not been created yet. The farm will NOT be open in May and we would feel terrible if we had people traveling to attend an event that isn’t happening.


This time though, the event will happen. Kalamazoo Balloon Fest 2021 will take place. While the fake event is listed to take place in May, the real event will take place at the end of August 2021. Check back with Gull Meadow Farms for further updates as August approaches.

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