This is one of those things that spur your attention for the bizarre, wanting to know more, while hoping that it never happens to you. It may turn your stomach, but you just keep reading the facts. 

We’re talking about finding disgusting things in store-bought food. Some of the stories border near the realm of “urban legends”, but many are backed up with hard, cold, facts. Facts that state the date and location of the gross encounters in the food chain. And this most recent encounter hits close to home. A live frog was found in a spinach container purchased in a Michigan Meijer store.  

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A Pacific Tree Frog

A Pacific Tree Frog via Wikimedia Commons

YIKES! What Store & What Food Brand? 

According to the Associated Press, Amber Worrick, of Southfield, a suburb of Detroit, was shopping at the local Meijer supercenter, located off Telegraph Road/12 Mile Road, and decided that fresh spinach would be a great choice to accompany a meal. She placed a package of Earthbound Farm spinach into her cart and then proceeded homeward. Once home, things took a turn for the worse. 

Mom Hears A Scream From The Kitchen 

It was just another peaceful day at home when suddenly the air was pierced by a scream from the kitchen. It was Amber’s daughter. She had just discovered a live frog peering at her from the clear plastic container of spinach. To say the least, Amber was shocked, saying, 

It was alive and moving. Just thank God I didn't eat the frog. 

The Poor Little Frog In The Spinach Package

A Poor little frog in a package of spinach.
Fox 2\YouTube

A Quick Return & Freedom For The Frog 

Worrick didn’t waste any time returning to the store. She arrived at the Meijer store, and handed the package, still containing the frog, to workers who issued a prompt refund. 

So Where Is the Poor Little Frog? 

Workers at the store released the frog. Meijer officials said the frog was relocated to a new home outdoors. Hopefully, this doesn’t mean next to the parking lot in suburban Southfield. 

It was determined that the small little frog was a Pacific tree frog (Pseudacris regilla), a native of California. Jennifer Holton, a spokesperson with the Michigan Department of Agricultural and Rural Development, told the Detroit Free Press that the store shouldn't have released the frog because authorities now don't know whether it's native to the state. 

An Apology From Earthbound Farm 

California-based Taylor Farms, which owns Earthbound Farm, issued a statement concerning the incident. They did apologize and promised to continue to provide “the freshest, finest quality veggies for consumers.” The claim of “freshness” can’t be disputed. The frog seemed to survive the journey, from California, in pretty fine shape. 

View The Forlorn Little Frog In This YouTube Video

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